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Meggitt secures contract from ATR for next-generation monitoring

— October 24, 2016

Meggitt PLC, a leading international group specialising in high-performance components and sub-systems for aerospace, defence and energy markets, has been awarded a contract from ATR, the world’s leading regional aircraft manufacturer, for Meggitt’s proprietary on-board propeller-balancing system.

The win demonstrates success in Meggitt Sensing Systems’ strategy to extend its 60+ years monitoring the health of large turbo-fan engines into other aircraft equipment, using lightweight, modular electronic processing units and sensors. Using multiple sensor types, this new distributed monitoring system can monitor more equipment—auxiliary power systems, landing gear, avionics and air conditioning systems, for example—more cost-effectively.

Under the new contract, the vibration of propellers on new ATR 42 and ATR 72 turboprops will be monitored so they can be balanced correctly, reducing cabin noise and wear on both engine bearings and gearbox components.

The first units will be delivered in 2017. The on-board propeller-balancing system can be retrofitted to the existing fleet of 1,500 aircraft.

David Brigante, ATR Senior Vice President Procurement, commented: “Introducing propeller vibration monitoring is part of our incremental development policy. It will contribute to enhance passenger experience, increase reliability and reduce ATR aircraft maintenance costs. The system is designed to interface with our most recent propellers, ATR -600s, and the legacy configuration in retrofit”.

Annette Hobhouse, President, Meggitt Sensing Systems, added: “Before our new lightweight distributed system, there were limits to what could be monitored on an aircraft because of technical and commercial barriers. Now, virtually any aircraft system can be monitored to improve performance and plan economic, condition-based maintenance.”


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