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Gas turbine sensing and monitoring - new brochure

— March 31, 2015

Power generation relies on high-value turbomachinery. Protecting and monitoring these assets is essential to reducing unexpected failures, maintenance costs, repair and overhaul time and spare parts inventory.

Meggitt manufactures and provides complete monitoring solutions for the gas turbine market - from the sensors to the machinery protection and the condition monitoring software, we provide it all in one package.

Intelligent systems
With one common data visualisation, event management and diagnostic platform, plant operators can choose the system or combination of systems athat suit the requirements of a given plant.

  • Centralised VM600
  • Distributed VibroSmart
  • Visualised VibroSight

High-performance sensors
After decades working with the world's turbine manufacturers and power plant integrators, Meggitt has developed an array of sensors for extreme environments to monitor virtually every paramater.

  • Accelerometers
  • Pressure sensors
  • Proximity transducers
  • Velocity sensors
  • Barriers for explosion proof sensor chains
  • Signal conditioners

Download the brochure here!


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