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The power of observation - NEW brochure

— August 14, 2015

Meggitt's new "The power of observation" brochure is dedicated to the hydro market.

From the sensors to the machinery protection system and the condition monitoring software, Meggitt's Vibro-Meter product line covers all the needs of the intricate hydro market.

See inside your hydro plan with high-performance sensor technology.
Our high-performance sensors

  • operate at very low frequencies 
  • are fully functional in wet and corrosive environments
  • are unaffected by electromagnetic- and radio-frequency interference
  • are supplied for Kaplan, Pelton and Francis turbines
  • Compliant with ISO 10816-5 and 7919-5

The power of understanding
Know your machine's inner workings through machinery monitoring technology

  • Centralised intelligence with the VM600
    Rack-based machinery-protection and condition-monitoring system
    High-channel density for complex installations
  • Distributed intelligence with VibroSmart
    Skid-mounted sensors monitor smaller critical assets requiring low channel counts
    Reduced wiring cuts installation costs by 30%
  • Visualised intelligence with VibroSight
    Software platform visualises data from the VM600and VibroSmart for all applications

Download the brochure here!!



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