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AAR Distribution

AAR Distribution
Jet transport stocking distributor

Canadian Machinery Vibration Association

Canadian Machinery Vibration Association
A useful site for all involved in machinery vibration measurement and analysis.

API logo
American Petroleum Institute
The API control many of the standards for machinery protection systems.
ISO logo
International Standards Organisation

The ISO defines functional and quality standards for many products including vibration measurement, test, and analysis. Copies can be ordered from this site.
IEC logo
International Electrotechnical Committee

The IEC offers guidelines and norms for many topics including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
IGTI logo
International Gas Turbine Institute

The IGTI is affiliated to ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and is a great source of information and advice on all matters related to gas turbines. Organizers of the annual ASME Turbo Expo shows and conferences.
GAMA logo

General Aviation Manufacturers Association

Aerospace Industries Association represents America's leading manufacturers of commercial, military, and business aircraft, helicopters, aircraft engines, missiles, and spacecraft.

Manufacturer of advanced piezoelectric materials for vibration sensors, underwater acoustics, medical ultrasound, and high precision ultrasound flow meters. Acquired by Meggitt in 2008, Ferroperm is a co-organizer of Piezo2009 in Zakopane, Poland.

RoMaDyn Rotating Machinery Engineering Services offers the essential services you need to protect and optimize the operation of your rotating machinery assets.

The Propulsion Instrumentation Working Group cooperatively addresses critical turbine engine-development test instrumentation and sensor issues to keep pace with the expected needs of future gas turbine engine development programs.

The Piezo Institute is the center of European expertise and resources in the fast growing field of piezoelectric materials and devices. It has been created by the EU-funded MIND* Network of Excellence and is an excellent example of collaboration between universities and industry.
*Multifunctional INtegrated Devices