Nuclear monitoring products

VMU 100 VibroSmart

Since 1978, our nuclear systems have been used for many applications, including start-up and hot functional tests, loose parts monitoring, reactor internals vibration monitoring, fuel pin flow induced vibration, steam generators, and in-core fuel flow induced vibration programs.

Meggitt supplies piezoelectric, high-temperature transducers qualified for permanent monitoring of primary circuits in nuclear applications (AGR, PWR, BWR, ABWR, VVER, and APWR). The systems designed for these applications match high reliability sensors (accelerometers and dynamic pressure transducers) with their associated remote charge converter and interface cables.

  • Accelerometers and dynamic pressure transducers with front end electronics are capable of operating long term inside the primary circuit
  • Accelerometers for loose parts monitoring have more than 20 years of demonstrated reliability
  • Dynamic pressure transducers offer permanent operation in the primary circuit of nuclear reactors
  • Miniature biaxial accelerometers monitor core vibration measurements at the neutron detector location
  • All nuclear transducers meet Qualification NRC Guide 1.133, 1.20, DIN 25.475

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