Proximity and position sensors

0100KPX and 0200KPX proximity and position sensors

The Meggitt 0100KPX and 0200KPX were developed as replacements for microswitch-based position and proximity sensors to detect the door lock actuator position for the Hurel-Hispano thrust reverser on the A318/PW6000.

Operating principle

Both sensors utilize an air-gapped transformer to produce an electrical output as a ratio of excitation voltage. The 0100KPX sensor produces an output dependent on axial or lateral position of a ferromagnetic target attached to the moving element of the system. The 0200KPX produces an output dependent on the position of a ferromagnetic core attached internally to the sensor plunger, which is in contact with the door lock actuator. Both sensors interface with the FADEC controller to provide multi-level sensing. By eliminating electrical switch contacts, reliability is greatly increased. This technology can be used on other applications, such as airframes and closures, where confirmation or position is required.

Meggitt is developing other sensors using similar technology, which can be influenced by non-ferromagnetic targets such as stainless steel and aluminum.

0100 KPX construction

The 0100KPX proximity sensor is constructed from stainless steel with the connecting lead terminating in a connector or wire ended. The electrical components within the sensor are impregnated and protected from vibration and contamination by potting.

0200 KPX construction

The 0200KPX position sensor is constructed of stainless steel. The plunger is sealed with a wiping action, spring energized, PTFE seal. The contacting face of the plunger is protected with nodular thin dense chromium plating providing excellent long term wear resistance and anti-galling properties. Venting is achieved by a micro-pore sintered filter that effectively eliminates fluids and contaminants.