On-board electronic controllers

Meggitt on-board electronic controllerMeggitt designs and manufactures miniaturized functions as hybrids circuits (High T°) to save space up to on-board electronic control units for a variety of aerospace applications. Products are oriented towards high security and high reliability operations, using a different technology in case of a redundant device.

Equipments (ECU) include emergency (back up) controllers for the braking systems of large commercial aircraft which take over the braking operation in case of failure of the main calculator; firing of on-board missiles for jet fighters, engine and airframe sensor conditioners, sensor concentrators including monitoring, and control of actuators for special applications.

The high security and reliability requirements are achieved through specific skills in analogue electronic development and extensive usage of HALT procedures and equipment, which ensure maturity to the equipment when proposed at entry into service to the user.

Our equipment is fitted with the communication features required by the aerospace customers such as ARINC429, CAN, 1553, Ethernet, and comply with standards such as MIL-STD, AFDX, GRESS.