Ignition productsIgnition products

Applicable to all gas turbine engines operating high energy ignition systems

Meggitt offers complete ignition systems for gas turbine engines, including low- or high-voltage exciters with the mating high-energy igniters and ignition leads.

The modern gas turbine engine is continuously challenged to provide higher thrust ratios at lean fuel consumption. Operationally, the need for continuous ignition capability is increasing. Meggitt’s ignition technology maintains pace with these demands using patented material development and innovative designs. Our unique semi-conductor materials reduce spark erosion, extending igniter life.

VM France indicatorsFeatures

  • Patented semi-conductor materials and exciter designs
  • Low erosion rates
  • Extended operational life
  • Improved continuous ignition performance
  • Universal selection of accessories covering
    • Leads
    • Connectors
    • Cable-end fittings