Fluid gauging

Fluid level sensors

Meggitt’s fluid level gauging systems use capacitance or magnetic float technology to provide unparalleled accuracy for fuel and oil quantity sensing. Our systems typically incorporate fuel and/or oil level sensors, signal conditioners, display units, and specialized controller devices.

Fuel management sensorsFuel level sensors

Meggitt can provide complete fuel tank profiling for optimum probe quantity, location, and height. Each system is tested to extreme environmental conditions to give unprecedented reliability and low cost of ownership.

Oil level sensorsOil level sensors

Engine, gearbox, and hydraulic oil level sensors are designed to operate in the high temperature, high vibration conditions common for engine-mounted instrumentation. Independent, low-level circuits provide discrete outputs for warning or control functions.


Fuel flow transmitters

Fuel Flow TransmitterMeggitt’s rate-of-fuel transmitters are efficient, light weight devices that measure fuel temperature and volumetric flow rate in turbine engines to provide a value of quasi-mass flow rate for cockpit presentation.

Fuel flow sensors are a necessary component of the flight management systems being fielded in business and general aviation aircraft.